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Although it might feel like credit scores are outside of your control, you can influence your score. It's simply a matter of having the insights, resources, and tools you need to make that happen. That's where ScoreNavigator can help! We offer a suite of credit score solutions aimed at helping individuals reclaim ownership and control over their financial lives.

Demystify the cause of credit scores.

No matter how many times you learn about the different factors affecting credit scores, it still feels impossible to get a grip on what's going on. This is especially frustrating and painful if you're recovering from poor credit, but it's even a problem for those looking to establish credit. ScoreNavigator demystifies the causes of credit scores through credit monitoring services and coaching solutions.

Start working with ScoreNavigator where you are provided detailed steps on how to maximize your credit scores.

What We Offer

ScoreNavigator offers a suite of credit coaching services and financial tools to help people just like you gain more control over their financial lives.


Keep your financial life organized with an easily accessible dashboard with all the tools and resources you need to optimize your credit score.

Full Credit File

Full Credit File

Pull your entire credit score through all three credit bureaus to see what's impacting your score for better or worse.

Target and Money Simulators


Easily map out an actionable strategy for achieving your desired credit score with personalized simulators.

Credit Coaching

Credit Coaching

Receive professional advice and support for optimizing your credit score.

Financial Tools

Financial Tools

Get all the tools, programs, and resources you need to set up and maintain a healthy financial lifestyle.

Credit and Financial Support

Credit & Financial Support

Stay on top of your financial life and credit score with professional and personalized support.

Credit Monitoring and Alerts

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

Receive Credit Bureau and System Alerts via email and in your online Member's Portal as they happen.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Stay in the know with real-time Credit Bureau and System Alerts sent directly to your email.

Point Deduction Technology

Point Deduction Technology®

Simplify the impact of key decisions on your credit score with an easy-to-understand, point-based system.

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We’ve helped countless individuals reclaim their financial independence by demystifying credit scores, showing them what impacts their score, and developing actionable strategies for improvement. Look at what they have to say about working with ScoreNavigator.

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ScoreNavigator has everything you need to make sense of and improve your financial standing. From credit score report services and point deduction technology to personalized financial calculators and professional advice, we have it all. Contact us today to get started.